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DCD Semi

DiRDA with FIFO fully programmable Infrared IP Serial to Parallel Conversion on Data from IR Receiver Diode. NEC SIRC TC9012 or any other IR protocols

Noesis Technology

high speed OFDM PHY processor 802.16-2012 IP Transmitter Receiver Register File High Level Controller with Analog Front End interface

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EBBM, inc. has been serving the semiconductor industry since 2004. Our IP cores & engineering support are a vessel for custom logic architects to efficiently articulate their logic and beat their competition to market. The key to your product success is a combination of our application know-how with three decades of hands-on System-On-Chip design experience reinforced with our custom logic market knowledge.


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Confucius asks

Why is there never enough time or money to design it right but always enough money and time to do a respin?

100% guaranteed compatible proven royalty-free bug-free IP cores that save you time resources and money.

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One stop shop for all your Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal IP core needs. Royalty-Free Licenses.

All IP delivered with fully automated test bench and complete set of tests. On-Chip Debuggers are included with select IP products.

All RISCV IP are delivered with active M + Zicsr Extension External Debug and JTAG conformance to RISCV Debug Spec 0.13.2 and 1.0.0.